4 basic rules for urban skating in sports parks or skateparks

By November 23, 2017Roller World

Anything goes is definitely not the case in sports parks and skateparks. No matter what your level, take a look at these 4 basic rules below:

1. Protect your body: Because prevention is always better than the cure. Okay sure, we all know you’re going to take a tumble in this sport at some time, but it’s always better to try and minimise the risks, right? First of all: wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, all strongly recommended. The use of metal stirrups is prohibited.

2. Respect. Because you probably remember the first few times you went to a skatepark, when you were all lost and needed to feel safe… we’ve all been there before. So be patient, respect the turn of others and, above all, keep the space as clean as possible so that people who come after you don’t have to go slaloming to avoid any unwanted objects.

3. Leave spray cans to the professionals and the movies. Painting on street furniture is strictly prohibited, as is using wax.

4. Children under 12 should be accompanied. ALWAYS! If you’re a mum or dad, be responsible and accompany your children when they go skating. Skaters of all different levels have to coexist in sports parks and skateparks, so try to avoid any nasty surprises by staying with your children, reminding them of these rules and helping them in anything they need. They won’t say anything to you, but they will most likely be very grateful.