Tillmann, the most famous skating dog

By November 17, 2017Uncategorized

This english bulldog set a Guinness world record as the fastest skateboarding canine during XV X-Games in Los Angeles (California) in 2009.

But many people already knew Tillman two years earlier, when Ron Davis, his owner, showed the world his friend’s skills on the board. He posted a video on Youtube which actually has achieved more than 22 million views, ‘Tillie’ surprised everybody with its skills and passion for skateboarding.

Years later Tillman won the Guinness Record by achieving the Fastest 100 m on a skateboard by a dog, in a remarkable time of 19.678 seconds. After that, the dog starred in various commercials for different brands from USA. ‘Tillie’ showed the way to other prodigious dogs.  In September 2013, Jumpy the Dog (also from USA) skated past him with a time of 19.65 seconds on the set of “Officially Amazing”, also in Los Angeles.

Actually the most famous dog is Otto, another bulldog from Peru who won the Guinness Record after going under the legs of 30 people.