The 11 disciplines of the WRG 2019: Speed

June 19, 2019

Speed skating is one of the star disciplines of the World Roller Games, with competitions in three categories: track, road and marathon. The races in each of them are many, ranging from 100-metre sprints to the 42,195-metre marathon. Strategy, endurance and speed are essential in this exciting discipline, pushing the mental and physical strength of athletes to the limit.


Barcelona: Front Marítim (Track and Road) and Av. Diagonal/Passeig de Gràcia (Marathon and Road)


Sunday 7 to Sunday 14 July


Men’s (Senior and Junior)
Women’s (Senior and Junior)


Track: 200-m. Dual Time Trial, 500-m.+D Sprint, 1,000-m. Sprint, 3,000-m. Relay, 10,000-m. Elimination, 10,000-m. Points+Elimination
Road: 1 Lap Sprint, 10,000-m. Points, 100-m. Sprint, 15,000-m. Elimination
Marathon: Open and Master

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