Alba Calero, from two bronzes to international referee

July 8, 2019
During the World Roller Games 2019, Alba Calero is the only Spanish referee that played Inline Hockey. Calero has already participated in the Junior World Championship and now also in the senior competition, both in the men's and women's category.

Despite this, the Spanish not only stands out for pointing out infractions with a whistle but also for her trajectory as a player of this discipline. And is that the previous player of CPL Valladolid, among others, contributed to win the first world medals for the Spanish team in Inline Hockey.

Alba Calero is not a regular arbitrator either. For two years she has been the president of the Committee of Arbitrators of CERILH (European Roller Inline Hockey Committee). From 2017 supervises the activities of this committee in combination with working as a referee in the Elite Spanish league. She considers that judging this sport is an honour and it’s very gratifying, although she would like to see more feminine representation in her position: "Nationwide we are only four or five"

As a former player of the sport, Calero began her career in Sant Joan Despí, specifically in CH Jujol. She also played in the AE Sant Andreu, but it was in Valladolid where she played three leagues. In addition, Alba dressed red and yellow with the Spanish team, with satisfactory results. She won two bronze medals in the World Cups of Colombia (2012) and France (2014), historical awards for the national team, since then no senior Spanish set of Hockey Line had climbed to the podium.

One aspect that is very clear at the moment when it was a player is that one office has no relation with the other: "When I played I only worried about playing, I was not aware of the work of the referees. Now, instead, I am aware of every situation so that the game goes the best possible respecting its rhythm", concludes the president of CERILH.

PHOTOS: S. Akimova/WRG

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