Albert Guinovart, author of the soundtrack of the World Roller Games

June 30, 2019

The sound that will be heard during the World Roller Games carries the signature of a composer of authentic luxury. The Catalan Albert Guinovart, one of the most prestigious composers nationally, internationally and Oscar-winning for the score of the film “The Artist”, is the author of the official soundtrack for the WRG2019, which will take place in Barcelona from July 4th to 14th and will be home for 11 roller sports world competitions.

The composition that Guinovart has created seeks to reflect the different styles that coexist in the 11 disciplines that create the program of the event. Through his music, he intents to transmit the concepts that come together in a competition in which values such as youth, speed, dynamism, competition or motivation, are identified.

The fanfare created by Guinovart will sound at the start of each of the sessions that will be held in the different stages of the competition in Barcelona and the four sub-venues. It will also be heard to announce the winners and during the awards ceremony.

Albert Guinovart has an extensive background in music for films, television and audiovisuals such as the tv series “Nissaga de Poder” and “El Cor de la Ciutat”, broadcasted by TV3. He has also performed “Mar i Cel”, “Flor de Nit”, “Gaudí” and “La Vampira del Raval” with great success. He also stood out for his classic compositions, such as the operas “Atzar” and “Alba Eterna” or the ballet “Terra Baixa”.

The Catalan composer already has experience in creating the soundtrack of other sporting events, for instance, he was the author of the official music of the World Swimming Championships of 2003 and 2013 both held in Barcelona.

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