Bart Swings magnifies his legend in Speed

July 10, 2019

If there is a name that has stood out above all this Wednesday in the Speed competitions, it’s Bart Swings, who continues to expand his extensive track record. The Belgian sprinter has finished the day with two gold medals hung around his neck: the 10,000 meters elimination + points, with 22 points, and, a quarter of an hour later, the 1,000 meters sprint, with a time of 1:25,254.

The Olympic medalist in ice speed skating has also been able to win the Colombians, the great favourites​ With these two golds, Swings already adds four metals in this championship - he was also silver in the 10,000 elimination and bronze in relays - and a total of 15 world titles.

In the first of these competitions, the 10,000 meters elimination + points, the Colombian Álex Cuajavante and the Italian Daniel Niero accompanied Swings on the podium, while in the second, the 1,000 meters sprint, was the Italian Duccio Marsili and the Colombian Andres Jimenez who have achieved the silver and bronze medal, respectively.

The only gold that the Colombian national team has won today is that of Johana Viveros in the 10,000 meters elimination + points competition, accompanied on the podium by the Italian Francesca Lollobrigida and Yi-Hsuan Liu, from China Taipei. For its part, the German Nareike Thum has obtained the first gold for his country in the 1,000 meters sprint, while the Colombian Luz Karime Garzón has hung the silver and Yi-Hsuan Liu has repeated bronze.

As for the junior category, double joy for the Spanish team. In the 500 meters + D sprint, Nerea Langa has crossed the finish line in the ​first position, hanging her fourth championship medal (it was also gold in the 200 m, and silver in the 3,000 m relay and 1,000 m) and Nil Llop , who a year ago suffered a serious accident, he has done it in men, getting his first gold and the second medal of the championship (it was silver in the 200 m). The young American Corinne Stoddard has won the first medal, and gold, for her country in the 10,000 meters elimination, while the Belgian Jason Suttel has been the fastest in the men's category.

With these competitions, which were meant to take place on Monday but were moved to today due to the rain, the Speed track competition is closed, which gives way to the road competition.

PHOTOS: J. Monfort/WRG

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