Colombia, unrivaled in Speed

July 9, 2019

The Colombian national team has been the great winner of the day of Speed again, getting eight golds of the ten possible (six in senior category and two in junior) on the Front Marítim track.

In the 3,000 meters relay of the women's category, the Colombian team has been the fastest with a time of 4:24.167, followed by the South Korean and French teams. In the men's event, with a time of 4:07.724, Colombia also crossed the finish line in first position, ahead of the French and the Belgians.

As for the 10,000 meters elimination, which could not be disputed on Monday due to the rain, the world title in women has fallen into the hands of the Colombian Luz Karime Garzon, followed by Ho-Chen Yang from China Taipei and the German Mareike Thum. In men, the Colombian Alex Cujavante has hung the gold surpassing the Belgian Bart Swings, silver, and the Italian Daniel Niero, bronze.

In the 500 meters competition, another Colombian skater has been the winner. Kerstinck Sarmiento has been the fastest, followed by the French Pedronno Mathilde and Yue-CIH Peng from China Taipei. In the men's category, the American country has won a double with the gold medal of Pedro Causil and the silver of Edwin Estrada; the Chilean Ricardo Verdugo has completed the podium in the third position.

The Colombian dominated the senior category and also the junior, where in the 1,000 meters, the Colombian María José Oporto and the Chinese Zhenhai Zhang have been the fastest in their categories. In the relay event, the South Korean girls and the Colombian boys have climbed to the top of the podium, respectively.

On Wednesday morning, July 10th, the tests that could not be held on Monday because of the rain will be played. They will be the Sprint 1,000 meters and the 10,000 meters scoring + elimination in the senior category, while the juniors will compete the 500 meters + D Sprint and the 10,000 meters elimination.

PHOTO: J. Monfort/WRG

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