The CPA Olot artistic skaters, eager to compete in the Palau Sant Jordi

June 30, 2019

The participants of the World Roller Games are finalizing their preparation for their debut in the competition that will put Barcelona at the epicenter of world skating. One of the disciplines that has raised the most excitement is the Artistic, given the high level of expectations due to the presence of the best skaters in the world, this will take place in the venues of the tournament Palau Sant Jordi and Sant Jordi Club.

Among the leading teams that will take part in the competitions of this discipline is the CPA Olot, whose skaters have been proclaimed 12 times world champions (the last six in a row) and have become a benchmark in the group modality of show.

Ester Fàbrega skaters, who have just visited the Palau Sant Jordi, hope that the WRG2019 serves to relaunch their dominance, after being overtaken by the CPA Girona in the last tournaments in which they have competed: the Spanish Championship and the Championship of Europe. The duel with GPA Girona will be repeated in the form of groups - Large Show, where the Reus Deportiu completes the cast of Spanish representatives in Barcelona.

The CPA Olot has been installed in the elite of artistic skating since 2003 when their skaters proclaimed European champions in Nantes and reached the third place in the World Cup in Argentina. Since 2004, with the first world gold, they have conquered 12 world championships.

The club includes more than 200 athletes including male and female skaters, coaches and trainers of ages between 5 and 35 years old. The CPA Olot, despite being amateur, works as a professional club promoting teamwork, effort and dedication with the aim of educating young artistic skaters with the spirit of fight and self-improvement, as it defines itself.

PHOTOS: J. Monfort/WRG

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