The Italians Silvia Stibilj and Daniel Morandin, five-time world champions

July 9, 2019

The Italian skaters Silvia Stibilj and Daniel Morandin have been proclaimed world champions of Artistic Solo Dance for the fifth time this Tuesday. The success of Stibilj and Moradin confirms the dominance of the italian skaters in this discipline, Mattia Qualizza has achieved the silver medal in the men's category and Anna Remondini the bronze in the women's category.

Silvia Stibilj has added her fifth consecutive title in Solo Dance, to the one she achieved in 2014 in the junior category. And it has done so from the fourth place, totaling 121,07 points, which left no option to the Portuguese Ana Luisa Monteiro Walgode (113.26) and his compatriot Anna Remondini (111.41), who have obtained the silver medals and bronze, respectively.

Under the theme 'Over the Rainbow', from the soundtrack of The Wizard of Oz, Stibilj has completed an impeccable technical performance and managed to improve a more discreet performance on Monday, where she came fourth on the competition, to achieve the gold medal with authority. "I did not expect to climb so many positions, I was satisfied with reaching the podium," the Italian was told when she became the five-time world champion. "It is a very difficult challenge to achieve," she added.

The Portuguese Ana Lisa Monteiro Walgode has repeated the second place which she already won in the WRG of 2017 and the Italian Anna Remondini has hung the bronze medal in what has been her debut in a Senior World Championship. The Spaniard Natalia Baldizzione Morales, junior world champion in 2018, has achieved a creditable fifth place coinciding with the jump to the senior category this year.

Among men, there has also been Italian dominance. Daniel Morandin has won his fifth world title in Solo Dance, winning 138,31 points to his compatriot Mattia Qualizza (132,79), who this year debuts in senior category, and Portuguese Pedro Monteiro Walgode (130,49), which have been made with the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Pedro Monteiro Walgode and his sister Ana Lisa Monteiro Walgode have managed to climb the podium in the same event, although they have not shared the same metal.

PHOTO: R. Corbelletti - WS

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