The Junior World Inline Hockey premieres the CEM Mar Bella and the CEM Horta

June 29, 2019

The Junior World Championship of Inline Hockey has started this Saturday morning with the first matches of the group stage in the men's category. Therefore, the two venues hosting the tournament have been launched: the CEM Mar Bella and the CEM Horta.

Both venues have shown a great atmosphere with fans from different countries, a variety of colors in the stands and chants in different languages. Until the night, both pavilions will host the different selections of the competition, although it will not be until the afternoon when the feminine competition will begin. In total, this Saturday, 15 matches of Inline Hockey are disputed.

These two venues will be the ones that will host the most matches and days of competition during the 2019 World Roller Games, when the Junior World Cup is over on July 4th the senior championship will take over, which will be held from the 6th until the 13th of July.

PHOTO: M. Casanovas/WRG

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