Lluís Sistac, from zero to Alpine European champion two years in a row

July 1, 2019

Endeavor, determination, desire to excel... The praise falls short when talking about the career of Lluís Sistac in Alpine Skating. Considered one of the strongest promises of this discipline, this 17-year-old from Barcelona passed in the record time of two years of never having skated to becoming champion of the Children's European Championship. Now, he is one of the eight representatives of Spain in the World Roller Games of Barcelona.

Sistac had his first contact with Alpine while skiing in 2016 because of an acquaintance that practised the discipline. "I liked it from the beginning. I started training daily and saw that I was good at it, much better than skiing, so I decided to compete." Two years later he was proclaimed champion of Europe of Children’s category of Parallel and holds the second place in Slalom.

"It takes effort and perseverance," he acknowledges. "And to have the good fortune to be coached by Raül Capdevila, to whom I owe everything," says the Dots-Pyrene club rider explaining the keys to his meteoric progress. In addition to the first and second places in the Children's European Championship, Lluís Sistac won in 2018 the Spanish Cup, the Catalunya Cup and was runner-up in Spain in Slalom and Giant Slalom. That same year he was the winner of five more trophies. 

It’s all about dedication. During the winter season, his week of training consists of two days of skating, two days for physical preparation and skiing on the weekend. In summer, he follows the same routine with the exception of swapping ski sessions for three hours of skating on Fridays and also on Saturdays. "Without effort, you won’t achieve it,'' he said. 

At the World Roller Games Sistac will have the opportunity to get to know the best. His objective is to enjoy and achieve the best possible classification with the aim of adding points to get a fixed position in the Spanish team. "Now I am among the best eight because I have surpassed what was previously the eighth in the ranking, but my aim is to get the maximum points possible to be fully qualified." 

PHOTO: J. Monfort/WRG

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