Luca Lucaroni, Artistic's Messi

July 11, 2019

Individual world champion for the last three years and since 2014 in the couples category with Rebecca Tarlezzi, Luca Lucaroni is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant stars of the Artistic discipline that will participate in the World Roller Games 2019. The Italian skater faces Barcelona’s event with calm and confident in his possibilities, even knowing that he will be the rival to beat and that he will have to use himself thoroughly to enlarge a list of winners that places him in the top.

"I know it will be very difficult to win the World Championship again, both individually and in pairs, but I am prepared to fight to the fullest and achieve it. I come with good feelings and I hope to succeed again," says the Italian skater during the hours before his debut in Barcelona.

Lucaroni says that competing at Palau Sant Jordi is a stimulus for him because of the majesty of the venue and the warmth transmitted by Spanish fans. "I have never performed in Barcelona, but this is one of my favourite​ cities. On the other hand, I did it in Reus, in the 2014 World Cup when I was still a junior, and I have very fond memories for the affection of the fans. This pavilion is impressive and will surely fill up. Performing before so much public will be an extra motivation to do it the best possible".

Relaxed and open to conversation, Lucaroni says that the key to staying so long in the elite of skating is a matter of perseverance. "Skating requires a lot of sacrifices​ and a lot of passion. You have to work hard and dedicate many hours, but above all, you have to have fun. If you do not have fun skating, you will never reach the top and I have a lot of fun skating," says Perugia.

At 24 years old, Lucaroni has become a practically unbeatable skater in the individual category and much more than that, forming a team with his irreplaceable partner Rebecca Tarlazzi, 20. In the 2014 World Cup in Reus, they began their reign in pairs. "The secret is the rapport. We are like brothers and we never argue. And when one of the two is in low hours, the other encourages him." Each day they train between six and seven hours, half the time alone and the rest together. Interestingly, they say that off the track they get along great with Alice Esposito and Federico Rossi, their eternal rivals in the competitions for gold, and who will also be at Palau Sant Jordi.

A fight that Luca Lucaroni has no intention of breaking is to try his luck in ice skating and have chances to fight for an Olympic medal. "I've thought about it sometimes, but now it's not possible anymore. It's too late for me," the Italian says.


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