Nil Llop: Once unable to walk, now speed world champion

July 11, 2019

A little over a year ago, the Spanish sprinter Nil Llop suffered an accident that marked a before and after in his career. The doctors told him that he could not go back to skating and, a year later, he climbed to the top of the podium in the Junior World Championship. The gold medal has been hung on the 500 meter+ D Sprint competition. "It's amazing, since the first day I had the accident, I dreamed of this moment," he said right after the medal ceremony.

The sprinter from El Prat de Llobregat already got a bronze on the first day of competition, in the 200 meters race. On Sunday, at the end of the race, Llop burst into tears, knowing that his true objective in these World Roller Games 2019 was to get the gold. A medal that has a lot of merit after all the recovery process that the young Catalan has gone through.

"I was training, doing a series of speed, and a small child came against me, I dodged it so I would not run over it and I hit a tree, I had a fracture in my femur, my jaw broke in four places, also my cheekbone , a finger... It was very hard because I thought I would not be able to get there, but we have worked hard to be here ", explains the rider who, at 16 years old, is already an example of overcoming.

His greatest reference in skating, the four-time world champion, Ioseba Fernandez, visited him during his stay at the hospital and assured him that he would come to play and win at the World Roller Games 2019. "I see myself reflected in him for his passion in his sport" assured the Navarrese.

Llop combines speed skating on wheels with ice skating. His goal is to be able to participate in the Olympic Games in the near future. Roller skating is not yet an Olympic sport, unlike ice skating.

"In summer I compete on wheels and when the season ends I start with ice, this year I will go to the Netherlands for six months to try to qualify for the next Winter Olympics."

Without having a preference between skating on wheels or on ice, the current 500-meter junior world champion will fight to climb the ladder at the next Winter Olympics. Llop has marked a place and a date in its calendar: Beijing 2022.

PHOTOS: J. Monfort/WRG 

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