Palau Blaugrana debuts in the Rink Hockey quarter finals

July 11, 2019

The Men's and Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey will face from this Thursday the quarterfinals, with six matches (four male and two female) at the Palau Blaugrana. This venue opens at the World Roller Games 2019. The other two women's matches will be played at CEM Isaac Galvez de Vilanova i la Geltrú, where the first phase of the competition has been played. 

Palau Blaugrana will host the first men's duel between Chile, third of group B, and France, second of group A. At 12.00 will face the women's teams of Italy, second of group B, and France, third of A. Argentina, first of group B, will play at 2:30 p.m. against Angola, which on Wednesday won 6-1 to Mozambique in the first match of the promotion. 

At 17.00 the Spanish women's teams, first of group A, will play Germany, fourth of B. At 7.30 pm the Spanish men's team, first of group A, will play against Colombia, which has won the second match of promotion against Switzerland in the extension (6-5). And at 10.00 pm the match will close between Portugal, second of group B, and Italy, third of A.

The women's quarterfinals will be completed with two matches in Vilanova i la Geltrú, which will face Portugal and Chile (5:00 pm) and Argentina and Switzerland (7:30 pm).

Subsequently, on Friday, July 12th, Palau Blaugrana will host the semifinals of the Men's and Women's World Cup and, on Sunday, the 14th of July, the final and the bronze medal match.

Men’s quarterfinals

10.00 h Chile-France (Palau Blaugrana) 

14.30 h Argentina-Mozambique (Palau Blaugrana) 

19.30 h Colombia-Spain (Palau Blaugrana) 

22.00 h Portugal-Italy (Palau Blaugrana) 

Women’s quarterfinals 

12.00 h Italy-France (Palau Blaugrana) 

17.00 h Germany-Spain (Palau Blaugrana) 

17.00 h Portugal-Chile (Vilanova) 

19.30 h Argentina-Switzerland (Vilanova) 

PHOTO: S. Akimova/WRG

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