Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks, Artistic Official Sponsors

July 2, 2019

Zeta Espacial, the company that markets the well-known Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks brands, will be at the World Roller Games Barcelona 2019 as official sponsor. These peculiar explosive candies are the official sponsor of the Artistic discipline, with which they have collaborated regularly in other events.

Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks re leaders in this segment worldwide and since its birth four decades ago have sweetened both children, youth and adults with the surprising explosiveness they cause. Its refreshing effect will provide an extra dose of energy to the Artistic skaters during the celebration of the competition, which will take place at Palau Sant Jordi and Sant Jordi Club, between July 2nd and July 14th. 

Peta Zetas defines himself as the first candy-game in history because of the way it explodes in the mouth and the crackling sounds it provokes. A combination that ensures that fosters social relationships, something they want to do among the athletes of Artistic during the World Roller Games


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