Quarter finals, very close

July 8, 2019

Is the end of the second day of competition of the World Inline Hockey and gradually begin to glimpse the first classified for the quarterfinals. In women, United States leads group A; Canada and Spain share the first place of the C; and the Czech Republic and Finland will fight for B. While in the men's, the United States together with the Czech Republic dominate the A, and France and Spain do it in B.

As for the most outstanding matches of the women's championship, the Americans have overtaken the Italians by 0 to 4. In the same group, Japan has been imposed by a tight 3 to 2 against Sweden. The Scandinavians, with a double session, have also fallen to Spain, with a final score of 0 to 10. Italy also played two games, the second, however, opting for the interests of the Italians by 2 to 1 against France.

In the men's tournament, Slovakia has won by 5 goals to 2 against Latvia, a direct duel for the promotion to the A championship and have options to play the quarterfinals. On the other hand, in the A tournament, France won the victory against Switzerland by 4 to 1, while the Czech Republic-Canada finished 9 to 1 in favour of the Czechs. Spain has beaten Colombia by 3 to 1 and the last game of the day between Italy and the United States has been won by the US side by 1 to 8.

On Monday 8th the men's teams will play the last day of groups with duels that will decide the first or the second classified, as it is the case of the Czechs against the Americans. The females will not do so until Tuesday 9, with star matches like Spain against Canada, or the Czech Republic with Finland as the adversary.

Photo: V. Zenobino-WS

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