Roll Line, Artistic Event Sponsor at WRG 2019

Feb. 26, 2019

Roll Line will be the Event Sponsor of the Artistic discipline at the World Roller Games 2019, which are set to be held this summer in Barcelona between 4 and 14 July. This prestigious Italian brand has joined the world’s biggest roller skating event as an exclusive sponsor of skates, wheels and brakes in this discipline.

Roll Line is a leading company in the skating sector and its extensive range, which also includes products for other disciplines, is manufactured entirely in Italy and provides material for all types of users, from amateurs to professionals.

Walter Vaschetti, Marketing Manager at Roll Line, claims: “Our presence at an event such as the World Roller Games will be very important to promote our brand beyond the world of artistic roller skating, given that there will be many fans and audience members in Barcelona, not only athletes. Many of these people will discover that not only can you compete with our products, you can also skate in the streets with them.”

Many artistic roller skating champions use Roll Line models during competitions. In fact, the Italian brand will set up a workshop during the World Roller Games 2019 staffed by specialized personnel next to the event venue, housed in Palau Sant Jordi and Sant Jordi Club, in order to provide support and technical services to its athletes.

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