Sant Cugat to be venue for Rink Hockey Intercontinental Championship

June 25, 2019

Sant Cugat del Vallès is set to host an international rink hockey competition for the first time in its history: the Intercontinental Championship, one of the events of this discipline to be staged as part of the World Roller Games 2019.

The competition will take place at the PAV 2 sports pavilion in the municipal sports area (ZEM) of Rambla del Celler from 7 to 13 July, as the Catalan city prepares to host the event as a subvenue of the WRG 2019, which will take place in Barcelona from 4 July.

The official presentation ceremony of Sant Cugat as a subvenue of the World Roller Games 2019 took place in its Town Hall and included the participation of Gemma Aristoy, Councillor in the Sant Cugat City Council; Santi Siquier, Territorial Representative for Sport for the General Secretariat of Sport and Physical Activity of the Government of Catalonia; Carmelo Paniagua, President of the WRG Organising Committee and RFEP; Ramon Basiana, President of the WRG Executive Committee and FCP; and María Moltó, WRG Sports Director.

A total of 13 countries will compete in Sant Cugat del Vallès and the senior teams set to participate in the Intercontinental Championship are as follows:

Men’s category: Germany, Brazil, Andorra, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Mozambique and Egypt.
Women’s category: Colombia, USA, India, Egypt, Japan, UK and P.R. China.

Training sessions for the national teams will take place on 6 July and matches between 7 and 13 July. The award ceremony will be staged on Saturday 13 July at 11.30pm.

There will be limited capacity free admission for the general public to the competition pavilion, which has recently received a facelift to improve its facilities over the past month.

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