Spain and the Czech Republic, Inline Hockey junior world champions

July 4, 2019

Spain, in the women's category, and the Czech Republic, in men's category, have been proclaimed Junior World Champions of Inline Hockey. The Spanish have been imposed by 2 goals to 0 to the United States, while the Czechs have won 5 to 2, also against the Americans. The two sets are the first national teams awarded in the World Roller Games 2019 in a team sport.

In women, Spain has overtaken the United States in a match that started with an early goal, at 20 seconds of the game, by Mar De Saja. The final goal did not come until the second half when De Saja herself has sentenced the match in a numerical superiority action.

According to the Spanish national coach, Marcin Malacz, "in this championship, everything has gone perfect. The girls have fulfilled all the expectations deposited in them." The Spanish women's team gets its second consecutive title and its fourth in five years.

In the men's final, the Czech Republic has also beaten the US team, which has had to settle for silver. The Europeans have been on the scoreboard at all times and have managed to maintain their advantage despite the efforts of the Americans to close the gap.

Jiri Suhrada, Czech Republic's player, said: "We are a team that has scored many goals throughout the championship, but I think the key has been the defensive block." The Česká get their eighth gold in a junior world championship, first since 2016.

PHOTO: L. Velasco/RFEP

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