"The goal is to position the WRG in the world’s top-10 of major sports events"

July 12, 2018

To mould a new format event with the goal of turning it into one of the world’s major sports events. This is the great challenge represented by the World Roller Games and it has been assumed and led by the Royal Spanish Roller Sports Federation (RFEP) and Catalan Roller Sports Federation (FCP). Both continue to work closely together to ensure the success of the second edition of the World Roller Games, which are set to take place in Barcelona in July 2019. Their respective presidents, Carmelo Paniagua (RFEP) and Ramon Basiana (FCP), recently held a relaxed talk to analyse some of the keys of an event that will bring together its eleven modalities in the same competition setting for the first time.

Both presidents reviewed issues such as the origins of their strong commitment to host a WRG event in Barcelona and offered keys to the full coordination between the two Federations, "something new within the organisation of major events in Spain", as Basiana noted. For his part, Paniagua called for "constant communication" and "absolute involvement" between the two Federations.

The WRG’s attractive format was something that the two presidents both agreed on, as they hope that the Barcelona event, in the words of Basiana, "will position roller sports in the world’s top-10 of major sports events" and will also set "a very high standard for future editions".

Paniagua and Basiana also celebrated Olympic interest in skateboarding and praised the virtues of the city of Barcelona as host of the WRG, describing the Catalan capital as "a great bulwark for the organisation" and "a guarantee of success because of the city’s sports experience, quality and drawing power".

Both the RFEP and the FCP also agreed on the turning point that next year’s major roller sports event will imply for the general public. "The communication set to occur about roller-skating as a whole and its different disciplines will be enriching and mark a turning point in terms of more licenses, practitioners and increased popularity for our sport", Carmelo Paniagua recapped.

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