WRG 2019 stars: Speed

June 21, 2019

One of the big stars in the distance events of the Speed discipline will be Belgium’s Bart Swings, a multiple world champion who is set to compete with many other medallists at the World Roller Games 2019. Other outstanding athletes to watch out for are Spain’s Patxi Peula, 10,000-metre world champion, Italy’s Fabio Francolini, who is making his return to the tracks, and New Zeland’s Michael Peter, another winner of several world championship gold medals. The same goes for Germany’s Felix Rijhnen, winner of the World Marathon 2018, and France’s Nolan Beddiaf and Timothy Loubinead.

In the women’s category, Italy’s Francesca Lollobrigida stands out from the crowd with 12 worlds and 24 European titles, as well as Belgium’s Sandrin Tas and Colombia’s Johoana Viveros.

When it comes to the Speed competition, Spain’s Ioseba Fernández has constantly been on the winners’ podium since 2012 and is set to compete for his medal in Barcelona despite an injury that he suffered less than a month ago. The city will also welcome several more world medallists, such as Germany’s Simon Albrecht and France’s Gwendal Lepivert.

Some of the women athletes looking to add to their medal count at the WRG 2019 are Colombian world champions Geiny Pájaro and Andrea Cañón, Chile’s María José Moya and America’s Erin Jackson.

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