WRG Barcelona supports the fight for defending gender equality in sport

May 23, 2018

The World Roller Games to be held in Barcelona in July 2019 aim to set an example of coexistence and equality for all society, without any distinctions whatsoever of age, race or gender. This is the reason why the Roller Sports Foundation, the responsible body for organising the WRG, has decided to take the step to support a major initiative.

The Foundation has signed the 'Manifest de Defensa i Igualtat de Gènere a l'Esport sobre la no discriminació per raó de gènere en els esdeveniments esportius' (Manifesto for Defending Gender Equality in Sport on non-discrimination on the grounds of gender in sports events). A gesture that will certainly enjoy the backing of most international events planned in the coming months.

By signing, the Roller Sports Foundation, and hence the WRG Barcelona, has confirmed its full and necessary commitment to this fight and its unconditional support for this brilliant initiative, which was launched by the Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE). Its backing can be seconded, either personally or as an entity, through a simple form that has been posted on the Barcelona City Council website. 

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