The 11 disciplines of the WRG 2019: Alpine

March 4, 2019

Alpine owes its existence to skiing, because many skiers commonly practiced it in the summer months during its origins, as it helped them to train despite the lack of snow. This spectacular discipline will celebrate its World Championship in Barcelona when asphalt takes over from snow and, as in skiing, skaters will to complete a course marked by gates while descending at high speeds. Its basic movements are therefore similar to those of downhill skiing and many athletes regularly practice both modalities.


Barcelona: Parc de Montjuïc – Passeig del Migdia


Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 July 2019


Men’s and Women’s



Slalom Giant

Slalom Parallel

Slalom Combined

Team Slalom


Some of the world figures of alpine are athletes such as Germany’s Sven Ortel, the Czech Republic’s Jan Möller and Spain’s Sergio Méndez. Germany’s Marco Walz and Jörg Bertsch, Italy’s Massimiliano Losio and Latvia’s Miks Svejnieks are other outstanding athletes in this speciality, as is Spain’s young star Marc Morera.

Germany is a major international force in the women’s category thanks to skaters like Mona Sing, without forgetting Claudia Wittmann, Manuela Schmohl or promising star Elea Boersig. Some of the other elite women athletes in this discipline are the Czech Republic’s Barbora Procházková and Gabriela Kudelaskova, Slovakia’s Lenka Kesela and Spain’s Nuria Requejo.

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