The 11 disciplines of the WRG 2019: Artistic

June 3, 2019

Artistic Skating is a sport of great visual beauty that combines skating slides and movements with music, facial and body expressions, musical interpretation, costumes and technique in order to perform pirouettes, turns and acrobatics. All these moves are assessed by judges according to a system of scoring. The modalities include solo, pairs and groups and all of these skate to the sound of music except in the purely technical competition of figures. Artistic Skating is a very attractive discipline whose performance is primarily based on expression, creativity and choreography.


Barcelona: Palau Sant Jordi and Sant Jordi Club


Tuesday 2 to Sunday 14 July


Solo (Men’s and Women’s)
Pairs (Men’s and Women’s)


Solo*: Figures, Free, Inline, Solo Dance
Pairs*: Couple Dance, Pairs
Groups: Precision, Large Show, Small Show, Quartets
*Junior and Senior

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