The 11 disciplines of the WRG 2019: Roller Derby

Feb. 25, 2019

Roller Derby arose in the USA and its origins date back to the 1920s. Speed and strategy are key aspects in this contact discipline. In it, two five-member teams turning anticlockwise compete against each other on an oval track. The aim is to score more points than your opponent and in order to do this, a member of each team attempts to score these point by passing through rival defenders, who in turn try to block and hinder his or her path.


Mollet del Vallès: Pavelló Municipal d’Esports Riera Seca


Tuesday 9 to Saturday 13 July 2019


Men’s and Women’s


Qualifying phase, semi-finals and final


The USA greatly dominates the world in this discipline in both the men’s and women’s categories. Australia and Spain completed the podium behind the USA at the WRG Nanjing 2017, during which only the women’s competition was held.

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