The 11 disciplines of the WRG 2019: Roller Freestyle

March 13, 2019

Roller freestyle athletes perform tricks, acrobatic routines and figures in a park. This setting is a specially designed space for this practice that comprises structures and various modules to recreate an urban environment, such as ramps, railings and stairs. It is there that the skill of the participants seduces spectators and determines the winner. The World Roller Games 2019 will host the Park World Championship in this discipline.


Barcelona: Palau Sant Jordi


Friday 5 to Sunday 7 July 2019


Men’s and Women’s




The leading world athletes in the park competition are French, thanks to skaters such as Julien Cudot, Diaby Diako or Roman Abrate, the last of whom is the current world champion after his win at the WRG 2017. Britain’s Joe Atkinson, winner of the 2018 World Cup and Winterclash PRO 2019, and Holland’s Jelle Brigeman will be two of their main rivals. Other outstanding countries include Australia and Japan, because of their high level of skaters. With athletes such as Álex Cebrián, Spanish champion in Spain 2018, or Xavi Eguino, recent winner of Winterclash AM 2019, Spain is also hoping to reach the finals of the WRG 2019.

Among the women, Mery Muñoz, Spanish champion in 2018, third in the World Cup 2018 and winner of Winterclash 2019, and Sara Vilella, Catalan champion and winner of Extreme Barcelona 2018, are aiming to reach the top podium position. Some other potential winners at the WRG 2019 are France’s Manon Derrien, current champion of the World Cup 2018, Britain’s Kayla Carmichael and Rosie O’Donoghue, and Japan’s Chihiro Azuma, world champion at the WRG 2017.

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