Artistic has started

July 2, 2019

Artistic, one of the 11 disciplines of the World Roller Games of Barcelona 2019, has started this Tuesday at Sant Jordi Club. Two days before the official start of the event, which will end July 14th and will turn Barcelona into the world capital of roller skating and skateboarding, the adjoining hall of Palau Sant Jordi has hosted the first two Inline competitions in a short program and others Junior categories.

In the men's category, Yi-Fan Chen and Hung-Yu, both from China-Taipei, have been ranked first and second, respectively, while the Argentine Carlos Urquía has achieved the third best score. In the women's event, the first place was for the Italian Chiara Censori, who has qualified ahead of the Russian Daria Volkova and also the Italian Metka Kuk.

On the other hand, the Italian Mirco Schiavoni has won the first gold medal of the WRG2019 in the junior category, with a comfortable first place in the figures competition. On Wednesday, July 3, the Artistic competitions will continue at Sant Jordi Club, where the first senior champion of the World Roller Games will be crowned.

PHOTO: J. Monfort/WRG

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