Show groups, the icing of Artistic

July 12, 2019

The Show competition, one of the most anticipated of the Artistic program, arrive this weekend at Palau Sant Jordi to put the icing on the last two days of this discipline. The component of showmanship provided by the skaters with their precise and colorful choreography makes this modality one of the most awaited among fans, who will have the opportunity to witness the Spanish and Italia’s historic groups competition for the gold medal .

On Saturday at 8:25 pm it will be the turn of the small groups, formed by between 6 and 12 skaters. In this event, the Spanish teams of CP L'Aldea, CPA Gondomar and PA Maçanet will try to beat the Italians of the Roma Roller Team, current world champions, and the Division, winners of the gold medal in the World Roller Games of Nanjing 2017. Among the aspirants to the title also stand out the skaters of the Club Regatas Saldanha da Gama from Brazil.

The large groups of Show, between 16 and 32 skaters, will perform this Sunday at 19:05 in  Palau Sant Jordi which it’s expected to be full to the brim. Undoubtedly, a show of the highest level to dismiss an event that over 11 days celebrates the World Championships of 11 disciplines of roller sports with the participation of more than 4,000 athletes from more than 80 countries on five continents.

The expectation to see the large groups of Show is big. The planned competition between CPA Olot -12 times world champion, the last six consecutive- and the CPA Girona -current European champion- is an extra incentive to encourage the highest level of competition. These two groups competed in the World Championships in Nanjing 2017 and last year in La Vendée, with the triumph of the CPA Olot on both occasions. However, the CPA Girona has defeated its top rivals in the European Championship and the Spanish Championship this year. The third Spanish team in discord is the Reus Deportiu.

The two Spanish groups should not lose sight of the Italians of the Royal Eagles, whose skaters won third place in the 2018 World Championship and this year's European, or the group Diamond. In short, a perfect cocktail to put the finishing touch to the 2019 World Roller Games.


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