Argentina, in both Rink Hockey World Championship finals

July 13, 2019

Argentina will be in the men's and women's finals of the Rink Hockey World Championship of the World Roller Games of Barcelona 2019. In men, the Argentine team beat France 3-0, and will fight on Sunday at Palau Blaugrana at 6 p.m. to get the title against Portugal, who has defeated Spain 4-2 in the extension time. In women, after having overcome Chile 4-3, will play so at 12:00 against Spain, which won 4-2 against Italy.

With goals from Pablo Álvarez, Gonzalo Romero and Carlos Nicolía, Argentina has defeated the French team of the Di Benedetto brothers and will fight to repeat the world title they achieved at La Roche sur Yon in 2015 and its sixth crown in history. Opposite will have the Portuguese team, which has exceeded in the extension to Spain in a very intense match in which the Portuguese team has had greater success in the definition.

The Portuguese team was victorious -two goals from Joao Rodrigues, one of them in extra time, another from Gonçalo Alves and another from Jorge Silva- against Spain who was playing in inferiority and without goalkeeper. Ignacio Alabart and Jordi Adroher have scored for the team led by Alejandro Domínguez. Portugal will fight for a title that has not won for 16 years.

Three goals by Laura Puigdueta, two of them in the final minutes of extra time, have qualified Spain for the women's final after a very close match. Italy, a country that in the female category does not have as much level as in the men, has surprised the Spanish team with a goal from Giulia Galeasi, to which Aina Florenza came back before the break and Laura Puigdueta then to put the 2-1. Elena Tamiozzo has forced the extension 5 minutes from the end, but in the extra time, Laura Puigdueta has emerged to sentence for Spain with two goals. His opponent in the final will be Argentina, who has been imposed by penalties (2-1) to Chile after the 50 minutes regulation and the extension ended with a draw to two.

The final of the Intercontinental Championship of Sant Cugat, on the other hand, will be played by Andorra and Mozambique.

PHOTO: S. Akimova/WRG

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