Asiago and Roana World Championships, world hub of inline hockey

July 14, 2018

As of this Saturday, 14 July, the Italian towns of Asiago and Roana will be venues of the much awaited World Inline Hockey Championships 2018, which are set to include a total of four categories: senior women, senior men and their respective junior categories.

The much awaited inline hockey event will take place over a two-week competition period. The first week (14-21 July) will see the senior female and junior male categories competing, while the second week (22-28 July) will see the senior male and junior female championships.

The senior categories will be the focus of most media interest at an event that is taking over from the World Roller Games in Nanjing 2017 less than a year ago. France won the gold medal in the men's category on that occasion, followed by Italy (silver) and the Czech Republic (bronze). In the men's category, the gold went to the USA, which won the final against Spain, while the bronze went to Canada.

The towns of Asiago and Roana are both located in the Italian province of Vicenza and are separated by just six kilometres. They are once again joint venues two years after the World Championships in 2016. Around 1,500 participants, including sportsmen, technicians and managers, are set to meet at an increasingly consolidated event that will mark the inline hockey season at an international level.

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