Asian Roller Skating Championships host major presentation of WRG Barcelona

Sept. 12, 2018

The World Roller Games 2019, set to be held in Barcelona from 5 to 14 July next year, have continued their international expansion with a decisive step forward. Just a few weeks after the outstanding events in Argentina, this major 2019 roller skating event was presented in Namwon (South Korea) against the background of the Asian Roller Skating Championships.

The presentation of the WRG 2019 was given by Carmelo Paniagua, president of the Royal Spanish Roller Sports Federation (RFEP) and the Organising Committee of the WRG Barcelona, during an outstanding event, given that the enormously prestigious Asian Roller Skating Championships are currently celebrating their eighteenth edition.

Paniagua was able to show the progress that the Barcelona 2019 project has made over the past few months, as well as presenting the venues where the eleven modalities will take place and the competition schedule to representatives of many countries with whom he subsequently met.

The Asian Roller Skating Championships, which can boast of being one of the biggest roller skating events in Asian territory, are currently taking place in Namwon (South Korea) from 4 to 14 September. It is easy to see that the event is a showcase of the outstanding talents of the participating athletes, displaying the huge potential of several eastern countries that are destined to make their mark in Barcelona next year.

The event, organised by the Korean Roller Sports Federation and the city of Namwon, is coordinated by World Skate Asia (WSA) and World Skate Oceania. It was also WSA that last week announced the appointment of China’s Mr Liu Guoyong as president over the next four years, for a term that runs from 2019 to 2022.

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