Asians monopolize Inline Freestyle

July 13, 2019

The penultimate day in the discipline of the Inline Freestyle has confirmed the good level of the Asian athletes, who have taken all the positions of the podium of the Speed Slalom ​​modality with the exception of the bronze, which the Italian Elisa Paoli has taken. The great surprise has been starred by the Chinese Zhang Hao, triple world champion in Classic Slalom, which has been eliminated in the quarterfinals.

In the men's category, the Chinese Jun Yan Yu has revalidated the title he won at the Arnhem World Championship 2018 by beating the Iranian Amir Savari Jamalouei for only 0,12 seconds. The third classified and bronze medal has been the also Iranian Reza Lesani.

In the semifinal between Lesani and the Chinese Yan Yu Jun, the Iranian has broken the world record with a record of 4,717 seconds. One of the key moments of the day was when Zhan Hao was defeated against all odds by Savari in the quarterfinals.

In women, Chinese Taipei skater Chen Pei Yi, who was world champion in 2017 and third in 2018, has won the gold medal ahead of her compatriot Lo Pei Yu. Elisa Paoli has won the bronze medal, Paoli has qualified ahead of her compatriot Cristina Rotunno, thus breaking the domination of Asians.

The success of the Asians is reinforced by the performance of their junior skaters, who won a double victory for China Taipei. Chen Yu Shian has won in the men's category and Tin Yu Hen in the women's category.

PHOTO: Grichcam/WRG

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