Barcelona, ​​at full speed

July 13, 2019

The center of Barcelona has dressed up on Saturday to welcome in one of the neuralgic points of the city, the emblematic Passeig de Gràcia, one of the most spectacular events of the 2019 World Roller Games: the Speed Sprint 100-meters competition. The Australian Daniel Greig, in the men's category, and the Colombian Geiny Pájaro, in the women's category, have won the gold medal in a test that has raised great expectations.

Locals and tourists who are visiting Barcelona these days have attended the circuit installed next to La Pedrera -one of the architectural gems of Modernism- to follow the 100 meters Sprint and give more emphasis to a competition that, by itself, was one of the most anticipated of the WRG Barcelona 2019.

The athletes have faced each other in groups of four in the qualifying phase. After the semifinals and the final, Barcelona crowned for the first time the Australian Daniel Greig as 100m sprint world champion with a time of 9,439 seconds. The silver medal went to the Mexican Jorge Luis Martínez (9,447 seconds) and the bronze medal went to the German Simon Albrecht (9,452).

Greig has highlighted the importance for him of his first world title. "I had to fight after having suffered injuries during the last season and previously," said the Australian after the race.

The end has been so tight that the new world champion did not know that he had imposed his rivals until the official confirmation arrived. "The three of us thought that we had won and finally my name has appeared on the screen." Craig finally highlighted the level of demand of World Roller Games "because it is higher than the other competitions."

The Spaniard Ioseba Fernandez has not been able to get his fifth world title because of the inconvenience that has dragged lately due to an injury he suffered before the start of the WRG2019. The Navarrese has qualified in fifth place stopping the clock with a time 9.518 seconds.

On the other hand, the Colombian Geiny Pájaro has achieved a new world title in Speed, the seventh, when winning the final of the women's 100m sprint. Pájaro has skated in a time of 10,205 seconds, surpassing Ying-Chu Chen (10,290), of China-Taipei, and the also Colombian Andrea Cañón (10,322).

Geiny Pájaro was happy about the fact that with his victory, Colombia "has shown that we continue to hold the title we won last year. It is further proof that we are still fighting," added the multi-world champion, elated that she is making her mark again at the World Speed ​​Championships.

The spectators have also witnessed the good role played by the Spanish juniors, who have won two silver medals in this Speed ​​event. Iván Galar and Almudena Blanco were second after qualifying behind the American Sabien Tinson and the Colombian Alejandra Muñoz, respectively.

PHOTO: J. Monfort/WRG

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