Barcelona WRG Organising Committee holds final meeting for 2018

Nov. 30, 2018

This current year is drawing to an end and 2019, the roller year par excellence, can be now seen appearing on the horizon. The Organising Committee of the World Roller Games in Barcelona has held its final meeting for 2018.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Roller Sports Federation (RFEP) and was attended by, among other authorities, Marta Carranza and Gabi Arranz, Sports Commissioner and Director of Events, respectively, of the Barcelona City Council; Daniel Laga, Technical Advisor for Sport of the Barcelona Provincial Council; Santi Siquier, Territorial Representative for Sport in Barcelona of the Catalan Government’s General Secretariat for Sport; Carmelo Paniagua, President of the WRG Organising Committee and Royal Spanish Roller Sports Federation, and Ramon Basiana, President of the WRG Executive Committee and Catalan Roller Sports Federation. 

The meeting between the various organising bodies tackled several points, such as the current situation of the World Roller Games 2019, the sports programme or schedule and other points related to promoting the event. It was indeed a broad review on the eve of 2019. The next meeting of the Organising Committee is scheduled for January.

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