The Brazilian Cerri Machado repeats in Downhill and first medals for Spain

July 6, 2019

The Brazilian Alexandre Cerri Machado won his second gold medal at the World Roller Games in Barcelona on Saturday. The South American rider won the Street Luge Racing test just 24 hours after placing himself at the top of the box in the Street Luge Time Trial.

The second day of the Downhill competition - which was held at the Parc de Montjuïc-Passeig del Migdia - has confirmed the good moment of Cerri Machado, with his second world title in two days, and has crowned the Spanish Óscar Rodríguez as champion of the world of the Time Trial Skateboarding. In addition, three other world championships of this discipline have been held throughout the day.

Cerri Machado has led the Street Luge Racing test ahead of Ryan Farmer (USA) and Walter Andre Werbinski Ribeiro (Brazil). The Spanish Mikel Echegaray has grazed the podium to qualify in fourth place.

In the Time Trial Skateboarding competition, Spaniard Óscar Rodríguez has been proclaimed world champion, after beating the French Makarian Yanis and Canadian Dane Hanna. In the female category, the winner was the American Emily Pross. Vitoria Mallmann Pacheco (Brazil) has been second and Begue Lyde (France), third.

In regards of the Inline Cross cnline Cross competition, the French Sylvan Behr has recovered from the bitter defeat on Friday, when the Colombian Diego Posada separated him from the gold medal in Inline Time Trial by a small margin. This time he has led the podium ahead of the Italian Luca Pesti and the Spanish Andreu Gresses, who have achieved the silver and bronze medals, respectively. In women, Claudia Massara, who was second on Friday, also had this Saturday a more auspicious day, she won the gold medal by beating the German Mira Valentina Börsig and Annalena Rottenberger.

Photo: S. Akimova/WRG

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