Chilli Pro Scooter to sponsor Scooter competition

May 31, 2019

Chilli Pro Scooter has become an official sponsor for Scooter in its Park competition for the World Roller Games 2019. The sports material brand for this discipline will thereby provide its support for the World Skate-ISA Scooter World Championships, to be held at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi from 5 to 7 July.

Chilli Pro Scooter is a German brand that has been in business for almost ten years, offering high quality products for the practice of scooter. Its range of products includes affordable models for beginners to other high performance scooters.

The European company is constantly researching, developing, testing, seeking new materials and designing to produce the best scooters. The entire team at Chilli Pro Scooter is passionate about this discipline, which is why the brand sponsors events throughout the world that range from small local competitions to major international tournaments.

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