Cinematic tribute in Barcelona for roller skating community

May 5, 2018

The city of Barcelona, set to host the World Roller Games 2019, witnessed a great day for the roller skating community this Friday. BCN Sports Film, an event that perfectly combines the fields of sport and cinema, paid tribute to the world of roller skating with two outstanding activities at the unbeatable venue of the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum.

The kick-off activity began at approximately 7.30pm, when BCN Roller Dance, led by skater Michelle Barrios, performed a jam session accompanied by ten skaters to the delight of everyone present. It was the perfect prelude to the star main course of the evening, the eagerly awaited screening of the film Roller Dreams in the venue’s large auditorium. Michelle Barrios herself, one of the most iconic roller dance skaters in Barcelona, presented the documentary, which also came with a surprise, as the audience was greeted by Terrell Ferguson, one of the stars of the documentary, via a video connection to Los Angeles. 

Set at the beginnings of roller dancing in California in the 1980s through a pop culture explosion, the film depicts how the phenomenon of roller dancing was created, in which young people of colour play a prominent role by seeking refuge from the turmoil of inner city life. Directed by Kate Hickey, the film was very well received by the audience, who enjoyed a great rollerblading experience in Barcelona just over a year before the commencement of the WRG 2019.

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