CPA Girona, Large Groups world champion

July 14, 2019

CPA Girona has won the gold medal of the Large Groups of Show this Sunday. In front of an almost full Palau Sant Jordi, the Girona skaters have put their rubric to the World Roller Games 2019, which since July 4th have taken place in Barcelona and four other subvenues with the celebration of 11 World Rollers Sports Championships.

The success of CPA Girona confirms the change of hegemony in the Large Groups of Show, dominated in recent years by the skaters of the CPA Olot, 12 times world champion. Throughout 2019, the new champions had already snatched the titles of Europe, Spain and Catalonia from La Garrotxa club. 

With the theme Bacterium, an allegory about the effect of sugar on the teeth, the CPA Girona has totaled 133,500 points and has been imposed by only 0.6 points to its citizens of the CPA Olot (132,900). The skaters of the previous world champion must have settled for the silver medal playing Do not Clip My Wings. The Italian Diamond, with the theme Through the Eyes of a Child, has achieved the bronze medal, with 130 points.

In addition to the gold and silver metals achieved by CPA Girona and the CPA Olot, we must point out the meritorious sixth position obtained by the Reus Deportiu. The dominance of the Spanish clubs in the Show Groups began in the day of Saturday with the Small Groups, a competition in which the CP L'Aldea won the gold medal, the CPA Gondomar, the silver one, and the PA Maçanet was fourth.

If the Show Groups were dominated by the Spanish clubs, the Pairs Competitions of the Artistic discipline have had a marked Italian prominence. Rebecca Tarlazzi and Luca Lucaroni, in Pairs, and Anna Remondini and Daniel Morandin, in Couple Dance, have revalidated their status as world champions with a wide advantage over their top rivals. The brothers Ana Luisa and Pedro Monteiro Walgode, with a silver in Couple Dance, have prevented the two podiums from being entirely Italian.

With their victory in Pairs, Tarlazzi and Lucaroni confirm their absolute dominance in the specialty, in which they accumulate five world titles - six counting the junior of Reus 2014 - and, in addition, they also leave Barcelona with the gold medal in the Free competitions female and male, respectively. With 221.31 points his leadership has been unquestionable. His compatriots Alice Esposito and Federico Rossi (199.33) have obtained the silver medal and Gaia Colucci and Marco Garelli (150.01), the bronze in Pairs. The Spanish pair formed by Elisenda Prat and Artur Balagué has qualified in fourth position. 

In the Couple Dance modality, Italians Anna Remondini and Daniel Morandin, with 141.90 points, have managed to revalidate the title won last year in La Vendée. For Remondini it is his fifth gold medal in this modality, while for Morandin it is the third. The Portuguese brothers Ana Luisa and Pedro Monteiro Walgode, with 135.91 points, have won the silver medal and also the Italians Silvia Stibilj and Andrea Bassi, with 130.09 points, the bronze. Spaniards Natalia Baldizzione and Jorge Granell finished in seventh place.

This spectacular day of Artistic has closed both the World Championship of the discipline and the World Roller Games 2019, which in recent days have brought together the world stars of skating.

FOTO: J. Monfort/WRG

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