Dave Hammond, an Inline Hockey legend in the WRG2019

July 11, 2019

Dave Hammond started practicing Inline Hockey line in 1993 when he was only 8 years old, in California, when he joined the local team "Briltrite Brea Bulldogs". At age 16, he traveled to Toronto to continue his career in this sport, but in the modality of ice "Although the number of players and technical regulations of both modalities is different, they are very similar disciplines, so many players practice both at different times of the year," says Hammond.

Despite being on the top of his game when he played ice hockey, Dave discovered that his true vocation was Inline Hockey and opted for that modality despite being a less popular and recognized sport. In 2006, he became a member of Canada's national inline hockey team for the first time, with which he competes as captain in these WRG19 and with which he was already world champion in 2012 and 2015. Hammond combines this task since with coaching his team and several other teams, he is currently the coach of  the senior women's section of Canada, with which he is also in Barcelona. 

According to Hammond, things always happen for a reason. In his case, in 2008, the destination took him to Namibia, where he currently lives with his family and works as a sports coordinator at the "Swakopmund Indoor Sport Center" advising inline hockey teams. "Some colleagues left to live there. One year I decided to pay them a visit, and they showed me all the facilities they had in Namibia. I fell in love with the treatment of people, the country and how they care for and enjoy their culture."

Dave worked for three years as coach of the "Coastal Pirates" team and his involvement with the development of the African country in the sports field has ended up becoming one of his main life goals. Although he says that the career of an inline hockey player can be very long due to the lower number of injuries suffered compared to other sports; Dave is excited to focus his future on training in order to share his knowledge and help the younger players "Right now we are giving a strong boost to the inline hockey there in the hand of the skating federation in order to get medals in the 2022 World Cups, which I hope will be played in Namibia."

FOTOS: J: Monfort/WRG

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