Double final USA-Czech Republic in Inline Hockey

July 13, 2019

The Inline Hockey World Championship finals have already been defined. The United States and the Czech Republic have been the winners of the semifinals and will face each other, both in the women's and men's tournaments.

In women, the United States has beaten Spain 5-1. The local team has survived US domination until the middle of the first half, but the Americans have ended up taking the game.

In the other match, the Czech Republic has imposed on Italy with a score of 3 - 1, thus getting the final ticket for the final in an exciting match until the last second. The final will be the same as the last World Championship, held in Italy in 2018, which ended with the United States in the first box of the podium. 

In the men's tournament, the Czech and Canadian teams played the first semifinal, which fell on the Czech side with an exciting final 3 - 2. The Americans have advanced with two goals in favour, but the Europeans have overcome and will defend the title won last year in Asiago.

The second semifinal, between the United States and France, has ended with the score in favour of the first by 7-3. The Americans will fight to get the gold crown they have not won since 2014. 

Thus, there will be a double session of the Czech Republic against the United States. The women's final will start at 8 pm, while the men's final will start at 10 pm, this Saturday, July 13th.

PHOTO: M. Casanovas/WRG

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