Food management agreement for World Roller Games

Feb. 6, 2019

The World Roller Games are much more than a major international event attracting the attention of roller sports fans throughout the world. Sport is in fact associated with many values that will have a strong presence at Barcelona 2019 and one of these will naturally be sustainability.

The event organisers are going to great lengths to ensure the optimisation of resources used both before and during the competition at this edition of the WRG. From retrofitting the spaces and facilities of a variety of sports venues to choosing and preparing services that will be made available to the entire Roller Sports Family, everything has been conceived and analysed to ensure the minimum environmental impact.

This commitment to sustainability at the World Roller Games assumes special significance in areas such as catering. This is why officials from Barcelona 2019 and various departments of the Catalan Government, Barcelona Provincial Council and Barcelona City Council have met with the NGOs Nutrición Sin Fronteras (Nutrition without Borders), Fundació Banc de Recursos (Resource Bank Foundation), Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments (Good Food Use Platform) and Espigoladors (Gleaners) to establish a collaboration agreement in order to avoid food waste during the event.

This partnership means that these non-profit entities will provide technical advice to the WRG 2019 so that the event complies with the maximum possible number of sustainability parameters when it comes to food management. Some of the key aspects of this agreement, which is set to be certified soon, are the outsourcing of a catering service, compliance with health standards and reuse of leftover food.

The World Roller Games Barcelona 2019 aim to be an example of environmental preservation and social responsibility thanks to these efforts and the initiatives taken to make this event truly sustainable.

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