Francesca Lollobrigida is crowned in the last day at the Front Marítim

July 12, 2019

Francesca Lollobrigida has won the gold medal in the 15,000 meter elimination competition in the last day of Speed ​​that is held in the Front Marítim. This is the second metal of the Frascati skater, who two days ago grazed the first position in the 10,000 meters elimination + point, but only got the silver medal. With the gold of Lollobrigida, the Italian team already has 16 medals in this discipline: three gold, four silver and nine bronze.

Along with the Italian, who has made a time of 25:09.625, the podium was completed by the Colombian Johana Viveros and Chinese skater Taipei Ho-Chen Yang to collect silver and bronze, respectively.

In the men's category, Bart Swings has added a new gold medal in his locker - the Sixth -, completing the competition in a time of 22:17.233. Behind the Belgian, the Colombian Óscar Cobo and the Frenchman Beddiaf Nolan crossed the finish line.

As for the junior category, the Colombian Maria Jose Quiroz and the Belgian Jason Suttel have achieved gold in the 10,000 meters points for women and men, respectively.

In the return to Sprint, the Italian Asja Varani and the American Sabien Tinson -who has added the second medal, and gold, for his country- have won the world title. In this last competition, Spaniards Nerea Langa and Nil Llop have added a new metal, silver, in these WRG2019.

The discipline of Speed ​​says goodbye to the Front Marítim, but still does not say the final goodbye to the World Rollers Games 2019. On Saturday, the 100-meters competition, both senior and junior, will be held in an emblematic location: the Paseo of Grace of Barcelona. On Sunday, in the street circuit of Avenida Diagonal-Paseo de Gracia, the Marathon will put an end to a World Championship that is making history in Barcelona.

PHOTO: M. Casanovas/WRG

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