Going uphill. Downhill’s dearest story

July 7, 2019

After a dangerous fall in Colorado Hills during a Downhill practise, Candy Dungan stopped feeling her body below the waist, she was rushed into the hospital to find out she had a severe spine injury and had a very costly surgery and recovery ahead. 

“I got to the hospital, and the first thing they told me was that I’d never walk again”, told us ‘Candy Booming’ - her nickname in the world of Downhill. Far from true, one year and three months after the accident she’s walking with the help of a walking frame and hoping to switch to crutches soon so she can finally ditch the wheelchair. Her goal now is to walk down the aisle and dance at her wedding with future husband and fellow rider Aaron Hampshire.

She’s able to tell this story with a smile on her face due to the efforts of her friend Julia Barklow and her fiance that raised funds to cover for her surgery and rehabilitation treatment. The whole Downhill community showed a massive support and gave money even if they had to sell equipment, demonstrating that they are a great family beyond the competition.

Although these days we have seen her go down at full speed through the urban circuit of the Parc de Montjuïc - Passeig del Migdia with her street luge -she used to do so with a skateboard before-, Candy would not compete in the World Roller Games 2019. She is in Barcelona to cheer her dearest community, the US team and her friend Julia and fiance Aaron who are competing in Downhill Skateboarding.

Photos: J. Monfort

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