Gold and silver for Spain in Small Show

July 14, 2019

Two Spanish clubs, CP L'Aldea and CPA Gondomar, have been proclaimed this Saturday champion and runner-up in the Artistic world in the Small Show category, while PA Maçanet has been fourth. The Italian clubs, which had reigned in recent years, have been relegated to the bronze medal, which was won by the Roma Roller Team.

Under the choreography Without the Sun, inspired by the world of vampires, the CP L'Aldea has been awarded for their work of recent years with a deserved gold medal. Manel Villarroya, choreographer, skater and the soul of this club of Tarragona, could not choose a better time to retire as a skater, with the CP L'Aldea installed at the top of the world.

The Catalan club has totalled 131,300 points, leaving the CPA Gondomar Galician and the Roma Roller Team in the final classification. The skaters of the Italian club, who came to Barcelona as world and European champions, have not impressed the judges this time with an unrealistic choreography on the evolution of medicine. Neither the other great Italian skating club, the Division has had a lucky night. The previous World Champion at the World Roller Games of Nanjing 2017 had to accept the sixth place.

With regard to the modality of Quartets, Italy has shown that they’re a step ahead of other countries, and so is Portugal. In both World Roller Games of 2017 and World Championships of La Vendée 2018, the representatives of these two delegations have shared the three positions of the podium.

The Italian skaters of the Celebrity have taken over from their fellow Neovis and have won the gold medal with the unanimity of the judges, who without exception have been awarded the first place. After the Celebrity girls, the group Neovis have won the second place and the Portuguese group Say Yes have obtained the third place.

For its part, the Spanish group Patinaje Artístico Aurora has been classified in the fourth position.

FOTO: S. Akimova/WRG

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