Italy displays its great potential at World Downhill Championships

Aug. 9, 2018

The 15th edition of the Inline Downhill World Championships, held from 2 to 5 August in Teolo (Italy), showed the enormous strength of the transalpine national team in a very demanding discipline that is set to take centre stage at World Roller Games Barcelona 2019.

Teolo is located among the imposing Euganean Hills, which are volcanic in origin, a place where dizzying speeds can be easily reached. It was a setting that witnessed the display of the Italian skaters, who won eight of the twelve medals in play, with four gold, three silver and one bronze. Simply amazing.

Claudia Massara won the women’s category in Chrono downhill against her compatriot Martina Paciolla, while third place went to France’s Severine Thomas. There was also an Italian double in the men’s category, with gold going to Renato Pennuti and silver to Agustin Tussetto. The men’s bronze was won by France’s Sylvain Behr.

The men’s winners podium featured the same names in the Cross competition, although in this case gold went to Tussetto and silver to Pennuti, while Behr had to settle for bronze once again. Gold in the women’s category this time went to Paciolla, who came out on top of her compatriot Massara (bronze) and Germany’s Annalena Rettemberger (silver). Massara was in fact aiming for gold again, but an unfortunate collision with France’s Emilie Bouttilot meant that she had to settle for bronze.


The women’s overall ranking in terms of medal winners finally comprised, in this order, Italy’s Claudia Massara and Martina Paciolla and France’s Severine Thomas. The transalpine duo also came out on top in the men’s category, with Agustin Tussetto following his compatriot and first place finisher, Renato Pennuti, while France’s Sylvain Behr came in third place.

Italy had to lament an injury to 2016 world champion Angel Vecchi in prior training sessions, but it nonetheless proved its great potential in this discipline at an event involving some sixty skaters. A performance that helps to present it as a firm aspirant to shine at WRG Barcelona 2019.

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