Italy at the head of the medal table

Dec. 1, 2019
The first part of the World Roller Games has placed Italy at the head of the medal table, confirming its potential in skating, as was already evident in the previous edition of Nanjing 2017. The Italians have added 5 Gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals in only two disciplines, Artistic and Downhill, and they remain ahead of the United States (5 gold and 3 silver) and Colombia (3 gold and 1 silver).

Claudia Massara, with a gold and a bronze in Downhill, has led her delegation in the first part of the WRG2019. Martina Pacciola, also in this discipline, and Chiara Censori, Chiara Trentini and Davide Arminchiardi, in Artistic, complete the 5 golds of Italy, the same as the United States.

The North Americans have obtained their first five positions in three disciplines: Scooter (Jonmarco Gaydos and Rebeca Ortiz), Downhill (Emily Pross twice) and Skateboarding (Lyn Z. Adams Pastrana). The United States has three other silver medals, like Italy, but has not added any bronze, for 4 of the Italians. 

Italians and Americans have been the great dominators in Downhill, one of the four disciplines that were dismissed on Sunday from Barcelona. The other three are Roller Freestyle, Scooter and Skateboard, which this week give way to new ones: Alpine, Inline Freestyle and Roller Derby. 

Also until the end of the event the Speed competitions will be intensified. In just two days - because this Monday the competitions were postponed due to the weather -, Colombia has already exhibited its potential with two gold medals and one silver (to which we must add a gold in Downhill) and it’s very likely that this discipline will end up catapulting it to the first place in the medal table. In Nanjing, the American country added 24 of the 25 golds in Speed ​​to the first place in the overall ranking. 

Spain, the host country, now has three medals, all of them in Downhill: the two that Óscar Rodríguez won - one gold and one bronze - and the one obtained by Andreu Gress (bronze).


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