Lights, Camera... Inline Hockey!

July 7, 2019

Inline Hockey World Cup Senior kicks-off with the women’s category on the morning of the 6th of July and the men’s category in the afternoon. The first day had already popular matches like United States - France in women or Canada - United States in men, these could be seen again towards the final stages to be candidates for the world title.

In the women's tournament, the Canadian team has imposed by 6 goals to 2 against Japan and Finland has done by 6 to 0 against Great Britain. With the same result has finished Australia-China, with victory of those of Oceania. Italy beat Taipei in China by a tight 2 to 1, while Sweden has thrashed in India with a convincing 16 to 0. The United States have also managed to score two points against France, defeating it by 3 to 2.

Spain have completed their debut at home with a placid victory by 0 to 8 against Japan, which has played a double day. The team has also played two games, the first with defeat and the second with a 1 to 4 victory against New Zealand.

In men, the most prominent matches have been the Czech Republic-Italy, which has opted for the Czechs by a tight 2 to 1; Spain and France have signed boards after a draw at 2; and the United States have passed over Canada with a score of 8 to 4. Sweden has also done the homework surpassing Namibia with a final score of 5 to 3. The most exciting match has been that of Switzerland-Colombia, which has not been decided until the last seconds thanks to a goal from the Swiss that gave them the final triumph by 4 to 3.

PHOTO: V. Zenobino-WS

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