Luca Lucaroni and Rebecca Tarlazzi keep ruling

July 12, 2019

The Italians Luca Lucaroni and Rebecca Tarlazzi have finished their performance in the Short Program of Artistic Pairs in the first place, confirming their aspirations to gold as they did on Thursday separately in the Short Program of Free. The competition will be decided tomorrow Saturday with three transalpine couples placed for the moment in the first three positions.

On his way to get his fifth title of consecutive world champions - sixth if you count the junior category, they won in 2014 - Lucaroni and Tarlazzi have left their mark on their first joint performance. Elegant and synchronized in their movements, the two Italians have occupied the entire stage of Palau Sant Jordi to offer a brushstroke of its enormous quality and led the competition with a score of 78.01.

In second and third place have been two other Italian couples. Those formed by Alice Esposito and Federico Rossi (73.28 points), and by Gara Colucci and Marco Garelli (59.40). Spaniards Elisenda Prat and Artur Balagué (50.09) have been fourth.

Previously, the Free Long Program in the female and male category took place and it will be completed this Saturday.


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