Maestro Skates joins Barcelona 2019

April 12, 2019

Maestro Skates has joined the World Roller Games as new co-sponsor of Speed in both road and track competitions.

The speed skating sports equipment brand has a competitive product catalogue primarily aimed at top-level skaters. The project is the result of a partnership between the Chinese company Skating Start and experienced skater Ioseba Fernández, four times world champion and record-holder of the 100 and 200 metres, and also one of the stars who will be present at Barcelona 2019.

Maestro Skates has an online store where you can buy their skates directly. These can be personalised, so customers are able choose their various components: boots, plates, bearings and wheels. In addition to Ioseba Fernández, other internationally renowned athletes such as Taiwan’s Willy Lo or Indonesia’s Allan Chandra also use the company’s models when competing.

The Maestro Skates sponsorship agreement includes the world champion skinsuits of the various Speed competition events. The Navarra-based brand will therefore feature the colours of the rainbow on the garments to distinguish the world’s best specialists in each of the competition categories.

Remember that the Speed discipline of the World Roller Games 2019 will be held at the Front Marítim (track) and in Avinguda María Cristina (road and 100m) between 7 and 13 July.

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