Montjuïc, Freestyle land

July 5, 2019

In addition to the Downhill events, on Friday, the World Roller Games 2019 saw the first performances of freestyle riders at Palau Sant Jordi and Explanada de l'Anella Olímpica. Scooter, Skateboarding and Roller Freestyle have entered into action with several qualifying sessions for the finals to be played Saturday and Sunday.

In this last modality they have highlighted riders like Manon Derrien, Chichiro Azuma and Sara Vilella, in women; and Christopher Wellsmore, Jeremy Melique and Maxime Genoud, in men.

In Scooter, the Park competitions WS-ISA Scooter World Championship and Junior World Cup, as well as World Street Finals, have been played. The American Cody Flom and Alexandra Madsen, from New Zealand, were the best in the first of the competitions.

As for the Skateboard, the qualification of the Men's and Women's World Championship of Vert and Palau Sant Jordi of the BEO (Barcelona European Open) of Male Street took place in the Olympic Anella Arena.

Photo: P. Capannini/WS

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